The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre was abuzz with activity in the first week of March. The focus was youth in the civil engineering and construction industry for the future!

The Youth in Construction event focuses on the importance of the construction industry as a national asset and its critical link to skills development, infrastructure creation and service delivery. Approximately 3 500 learners from 32 schools, and a few FET colleges attended. Representatives from the different companies and institutions were armed and ready to disseminate what they had among those interested in the industry. Learners found this interaction very valuable as they could ask questions and receive information not readily available to them in school context. The fact that so many educators showed keen interest in the discussions was truly heartwarming.

The construction industry has many career paths and this project provides the opportunity to experience the excitement and diversity of the industry. Parents and educators benefit from this initiative as they are also exposed to information to assist them in guiding learners in their search for the right career.

Infrastructure and construction create the foundations of our global economy and the basis for improving quality of life, contributing significantly to the country’s economy and providing much needed employment.

Youth in Construction affords civil and construction stakeholders across the industry spectrum the opportunity to show young learners the best that the industry can offer in skills and opportunities, and showcases the industry diversity under one roof. It influences learners from schools across Gauteng to consider careers in the civil engineering and construction industry.

This initiative lays the groundwork for future development and progress in the industry. There are wonderful career opportunities in the construction industry and construction skills are well rewarded. Through these expositions, young people are shown what is available, what can be achieved in building their future and given the chance to interact with major role players, as well as take part in practical trade applications.

It is essential that industry has a highly skilled and balanced workforce with the right balance of professional and technical qualifications. As it is aimed at learners from grade 8 to 12, Youth in Construction provides learners with practical experience and the necessary information on the industry to make an informed career choice.

Since the inception of Youth in Construction Week, about 40 000 learners from diverse backgrounds have been exposed to the industry in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Kimberley.

As one of the founder-members of this worthwhile initiative, and in view of SAICE’s career guidance aspirations, SAICE is part and parcel of Youth in Construction.


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