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The Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering – ISSN 1021-2019 (print) and ISSN 2309- 8775 (online) – which is an ISI (Thomson Reuters Web of Science) and SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) accredited journal, publishes peer-reviewed research papers on all aspects of Civil Engineering that are relevant/applicable to Africa, particularly to Southern Africa. It is distributed
internationally and is published quarterly (March, June, September, December), and is controlled by the SAICE Journal Editorial Panel.

The forerunner of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering was established in 1903 as a learned society aiming to improve and share knowledge about civil engineering developments of the day. The minutes of the proceedings of the then Cape Society of Civil Engineers mainly contained technical papers presented and discussed at the Society’s meetings. Since then, and throughout its long history
during which time it has undergone several name changes, the organisation has continued to publish technical papers in its monthly publication (magazine) until 1993 when it created a separate journal (the current journal) for the publication of such technical papers.

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Subscription to the magazine automatically includes receipt of the journal (there is no separate subscription for the journal)

Contact person for subscriptions: Hermien Toerien:

Tel:  +27 11 805 5947/8

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ISSN: 1021-2019 (Print) 2309-8775 (Online) Indexed by the Science Citation Index

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The African Journal

The African Journal Archive website stands under the auspices of Sabinet Gateway, which is the non-profit arm of Sabinet promoting and supporting library and information services in Africa. The African Journal Archive was established after Sabinet Gateway received a grant from the Carnegie Corporation for the creation of a digital archive of African research published exclusively in Africa. A hundred years’ worth of SAICE material was scanned by them and uploaded onto their website.