Southern African Federation of Engineering Organisation

Who is involved:

The Southern African Federation of Engineering Organisation (SAFEO) is a network of multidisciplinary national engineering societies or institutions which currently represent the majority of Southern African Development Community countries, as well as Ghana and some East African Development Community countries.

SAFEO was established in 1995. At the General Assembly held on 1 May 2015, ECSA was appointed as the new SAFEO secretariat and treasurer. For any further information contact Yashin Brijmohan at or Jones Molosane at

For any further information contact Steven Kaplan on 011 8055947 or email:

Vision & Mission

  • Strives to ensure an appropriate level of efficient human resource capacity in the built environment professions, particularly engineering.
  • To enable Africa to ultimately achieve sustainable development for all people in Africa.
  • Its mission is to contribute resources and expertise in partnership with key stakeholders to accomplish the transfer and assimilation of the value of the best practice principles of sustainable development to identified communities at all levels.
  • The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) provides the secretariat to the SAFEO.


  • Botswana Institution of Engineers
  • Engineering Institution of Seychelles
  • Engineering Institution of Zambia
  • Engineering Professions Association of Namibia
  • Malawi Institution of Engineers
  • Ordemo dos Engenheiros de Moçambique
  • Engineering Council of South Africa
  • The Institution of Engineers Mauritius
  • Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers
  • Engineering Council of Namibia
  • The Swaziland Association of Architects,
    Engineers and Surveyors
  • Lesotho Association of Engineers

Principal Value Systems

SAFEO upholds the following key value systems in the quest to achieve the national and African goals regarding sustainable engineering as a pre-requisite for sustainable development:

  • Inclusivity: SAFEO strives to be inclusive of all communities and demographic groups.
  • Transformation: SAFEO is committed to ensure that the profession of engineering becomes fully transformed in terms of African demographics and to ensure that all communities are able to participate in the economy and contribute to the growth and well-being of the continent.
  • Transparency: SAFEO is transparent in all dealings with its partners, associates and supporting networks.
  • Responsibility: SAFEO takes responsibility for its role in the professional and industrial environment and therefore addresses support systems, wealth creation and quality of life enhancing initiatives through its OUTREACH programmes concerning CPD, access to technical information, best practice procurement and standards documentation, career guidance and associated advice.
  • Community awareness: SAFEO reaches out to all communities in need of engineering services and capacity building assistance.
  • Commitment: SAFEO is committed to achieving its objectives through sharing of skills and knowledge in an unbiased, non-competitive way.
  • Professionalism: SAFEO is committed to act according to acceptable professional ethical standards.
  • Networking: SAFEO fosters and encourages networking with engineering organisations and cooperates with African organisations as well as continental and international umbrella organisations in the built environment.