Gold Medal Award Members

The Gold Medal is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the Institution on a Corporate Member.

The criteria for the award are:

Members who have received the Gold Medal Award

Corporate members

Honorary Fellow

An Honorary Fellow is a person of distinction on whom the Council wishes to bestow honour because of:


An Fellow is a person of distinction on whom the Council wishes to bestow honour because of:


A Member is a person who at the time of admission:

For an applicant to apply for grade of Member, he/she must be professionally registered in terms of one of the following:

Non - Corporate members

Associate Members

An Associate Member is a person who:

A person may apply for Associate Graduate (0–4 years), Associate Graduate (5+ years) or Associate Other membership.

Student Members

A Student Member is a person who:


A Participant of SAICE is:


This category of participant is solely for persons who:

Employees/ Companies - Applying to become a member

SAICE is not constituted to take on a company as an associate or corporate member. Other voluntary institutions within the built environment (CESA, IMESA and SAFCEC) are geared towards corporate membership.

SAICE is a learned society and professional home for over 15000 civil engineers, technologists and technicians. The objectives of the institution are to growth and develop members and to promote the practice of civil engineering.

However, SAICE has entered into several partnerships with companies in the industry with the following goals in mind:

We believe there are many opportunities to partner, and we would like to meet with you to identify and explore these.

Please contact our Head of Marketing & PR, Nthabeleng Lentsoane (  to arrange a meeting with you.

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