SPEBS – SAICE Patrons’ Engineering Bursary Scheme

SPEBS is a bursary scheme that was initiated in 1992 by the South African Institute of Civil Engineering Technicians and Technologists (SAICET). The abbreviation is short for “SAICET Patrons’ Engineering Bursary Scheme”. When SAICET subsequently merged with the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) it was decided that SPEBS would be retained. SPEBS currently forms an integral part of the SAICE outreach programmes.

How does SPEBS work?

SPEBS assists the financially needy and academically deserving students who study towards a National Diploma or a Degree in Civil Engineering at any of South Africa’s tertiary institutions. Bursaries are awarded to National Diploma students after having passed their first level (S1) examination and to degree students after having passed their first year examinations.

Bursaries are granted per semester and are dependent on the student’s examination results. These funds are intended to partially cover registration, tuition and books. We work closely with various tertiary institutions to identify qualifying students. Before funds are released, successful candidates need to provide us with proof of registration for the intended semester of study at the institution concerned. Bursary cheques are then made out to the tertiary institution to be credited to the bursar’s account.

Financing the scheme

SPEBS is a non-profit venture and is entirely dependent on donations. Contributions received since 1992 have been in the form of either donations towards the bursary pool or bursaries to be awarded in the name of the patron company. The scheme is audited annually.

Advantages for patron firms

As a contributor to the scheme, a company has access to the pool of students. Although the company as contributor and the student as recipient are, generally speaking, not bound contractually, some companies prefer to have an employment agreement with the student, with obvious advantages both ways.

Appeal for donations

We believe that SPEBS addresses a real and pressing need and we appeal to you to please contribute to the future of civil engineering in South Africa through our bursary scheme. Presently we award bursaries to a maximum of R6 500 per student per semester – which amount is awarded to students based on merit. Should you wish to become a patron of our scheme, we kindly request that cheques be made payable to SPEBS.

SPEBS contact details

Contact person: Fridah Mahlangu
Tel: 011 805 5947 (Office hours)
Fax: 011 805 5971
SAICE Career Guidance
Private Bag X200