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Draft South African Standard (DSS) - Public Enquiry Stage

SANS 10160 - 1

SANS 10160 - 2

SANS 10160 - 3

SANS 10160 - 4

SANS 10160 - 5

SANS 10160 - 6

SANS 10160 - 7

SANS 10160 - 8

The technical committee, SABS SC 59I responsible for the preparation of this standard has reached consensus that the attached document should become a South African standard. It is now made available by way of public enquiry to all interested and affected parties for public comment, and to the technical committee members for record purposes. Any comments should be sent by the indicated closing date, either by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail to:

Any comment on the draft must contain in its heading the number of the clause/subclasses to which it refers. A comment shall be well motivated and, where applicable, contain the proposed amended text.

The public enquiry stage will be repeated if the technical committee agrees to significant technical changes to the document as a result of public comment. Less urgent technical comments will be considered at the time of the next amendment.

“Vincent T. H. Chu (Hong Kong) would like to share the following books with members of SAICE to make contribution to the world.”