SAICE Publications

GCSC 2018: General Conditions of Subcontract

First Edition (2018)

Following on from the publication of the SAICE General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works, Third Edition 2015 (abbreviated to GCC 2015) SAICE has now introduced the First Edition 2018 of the “General Conditions of Subcontract for Construction Works” (abbreviated to GCSC 2018). This subcontract agreement is in a “back-to-back” form, suitable for use alongside the GCC 2015 – to ensure a seamless integration. It replaces earlier forerunners published by SAFCEC for use with earlier versions of the SAICE GCCs and it is similar to forms of subcontract published by FIDIC, JBCC and NEC. It is intended for this First Edition to be developed further by SAICE in time. It will be tested in practice through the experience of users of the document.

Thereafter a Second Edition of the GCSC Conditions of Subcontract will be published by SAICE. It is further intended for the GCSC Conditions of Subcontract to be used with the contract documentation format as prescribed by the Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM) published by National Treasury, the Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement published by the Construction Industry Development Board (cidb), SANS 10845, and, SANS 1921, to set out the requirements and constraints relating to the manner in which the Subcontract Work is to be performed